"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"


The Victoria has been designed to be classical in it's beauty yet also fit into any modern astetic. Paired with it's matching stand it is a strikingly beautiful design that will bring joy to the beholder. 


We have assembled a truely high end speaker by utilizing only the best quality components and materials.  Brought together in an extreamly rigid cabinet that has been hand assembled by the finest craft speaker builders. Produced in limited quantities so quality is never compromised.


Our Cabinets are adorned with real wood veneers. Standard selections are Oak or Walnut. Custom wood finishes are available at an additional charge.


Our "Z" stands are crafted from solid hardwoods made to match the finish of the speaker cabinets. The option to have the speakers bolted to the stands exists when ordered together. This coupling essentially alters the bookshelf speaker designation to a floor standing speaker and further enhances sound reproduction.
Steel spikes included.