Pricing &


Victoria Speakers

Available in your choice of Oak or Walnut.
Custom wood finishes and paint colors available at an additional charge. 

$3999 per pair 

Victoria Speakers With Z Stands

$4899 per pair 

Z Stands

A pair of solid wood Z stands in either Oak or Walnut. They come with steel floor spikes and rubber pads to rest the speakers on.

$999 per pair

Tweeter Protector

Our unique tweeter protectors consist of a polished metal plate and steel protecting arms that crown the speakers with an elegant design. 

$49 per pair


Speakers are very well packaged and sent via courier to your location. 

for North America.
 Other regions please contact us for a quote. 


When you place an order, we will confirm it and give you  an idea of when it will be fulfilled. Sometimes, it may take a short while to complete the order depending upon how busy things are and availability of materials. We will keep you informed about how things are progressing as we want you to get your order ASAP. When fulfilled, we will let you know the tracking info immediately. And... we are happy to answer any questions during the process. 
Thank you again.